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  • Have full control of the insights you need to create so you can make the right strategic decisions, no more guess work.

  • Improve your ROI and confidently prove marketing impact on revenue.

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My biggest priority is to make data driven decisions and maximise our budgets, but a huge gap is a lack of visibility around how content is actually performing and resonating with customers.

Qurate is changing the game for marketers when it comes to content ROI and enabling data driven and strategic decisions.

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You currently spend a lot of your time looking at data, asking for better data, being asked for better data, and trying to get better data.

Qurate gives you, and your teams immediate access to valuable insights that helps you to demonstrate your competence, and gives confidence to others that you are in absolute control of the impact that marketing has on the organization.

A lack of the complete picture makes you feel anxious, and frustrated.

By giving you the complete end-to-end picture of the entire customer journey, you’ll feel confident, in control and empowered to make better decisions.

Without access to the right data, you find yourself fighting for budget, respect and resources.

Qurate gives you clarity of the impact that marketing is having in achieving company objectives, elevating your perception internally, garnering more respect from peers, and increased respect and trust that you are in control.

Qurate does not store any private or personal data and encrypts every piece of first-party data we collect. There are no third-party scripts, and no cookies required.

In addition, Qurate can be configured in a way which means that data collection, privacy and GDPR rules do not even apply.

Our recommended approach will see you getting set up and experiencing results in just a few days.

We recommend starting with a limited set of channels, such as a single ad account, or a single social media channel, in order to get set up as quickly as possible.

No, but by installing Qurate on your website you can overcome a lot of the limitations of your data platforms and provide you with more accurate insights, recommendations and predictions.

The Qurate first-party data collection script can be installed directly on your website, in Google Tag Manager or added as a source in Segment.

If you go with a “non-install” implementation, and use Qurate purely with third-party data sources, we can still provide valuable insight, but cannot give you end-to-end customer journeys.

We are currently only focussing on integrations with Google Ads, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Google Analytics, Hubspot, Salesforce, and Segment.

To begin with, we recommend choosing a single first touch channel, such as Google Ads, or your Blog, and a single customer data platform, such as Hubspot, Salesforce or Segment.

Once you are experiencing valuable insights from a simple setup we recommend adding additional channels and data sources to increase the overall impact and choice of metrics you can optimize on.