Our vision

Make sense

We have a vision for the coming age of total autonomous execution, where people define the goals, the strategy, the still-points, the constants, and the context, and technology provides the curation, analysis, insight, generative intelligence and creation required for execution.

A Bigger Picture enabling us all to Play Bigger

Work today still depends on a lot of manual processes, and the work we do has become more technical resulting in more data to manage and try to understand. So we are spending more of our time and energy trying to put the pieces together than we are doing the real work of making impact.

We are standing at a crossroads where we have all the potential technology in place for a massive amount of intelligent automation, yet at the moment we are still very much stuck in a state of fragmentation, siloed knowledge, and confusion.

Too many tools, too much data, too little capacity, too many cogs, too much to learn, too much to take in, too many opinions, and ultimately too many short-sighted decisions based on siloed views of partial knowledge.

The result is Frankenstein-like growth, rather than growth as a single conscious organism.

Companies need a way to plug in all of their combined company knowledge, and siloed data, so we can all make sense of the big picture, and clearly see how the work we do contributes to the wider goals and vision of the company.

We’re spending too much time on what some people call “work about work”, which is all the time it takes to find something, to put this and that together, to figure things out, and to finally explain something to someone only for that knowledge to evaporate when they leave the company.

As you’ll in these pages, at Qurate we have a vision for a new way of work which aligns teams, and bridges silos, and gives people the clarity they need to make a real impact with maximum efficiency, clarity and confidence.

And so it begins...

After years of discovery, planning, prototyping, and testing we set out to bring Qurate to market in summer of 2022

Aug 2022

Founded the company,
and began the go-to-market plan

Sep 2022

Formed an advisory
board of marketing leaders

Jan 2023

Launched a limited
Early Adopter Program


The official launch of
Generative Intelligence™

How we work

At Qurate there are six values driving everything we do.


Do properly or don’t do. No half measures, corners cut or laziness.


Own your craft. Never stop learning and refining your art.


Fully understand. Do not do until you are clear and can act with confidence.

How we work


Take full responsibility. If you do, own the task and take responsibility.


Improve anything. If you see a way to do better, either do it or talk.


Do what you love. If you find yourself dreading your task it’s time to talk.

Alumni of the world's best startup accelerators

Who we are

Tom Brooke

Tom Brooke

Founder & CEO

Martin Taylor

Martin Taylor

Co-founder & CRO

Natale Catella

Natale Catella

Head of Development

Dylan Cooper

Dylan Cooper


Digby Lewis

Digby Lewis

Non-executive Director

Ozgun Koyun

Ozgun Koyun

Founding Member

Adam Frankl

Adam Frankl

Executive Advisor

Joshua Tessier

Joshua Tessier


Marcel Gasser

Marcel Gasser


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